I wish

I wish I was a star
so I coul look at you
from that big, endless sky
so I could see the things you do.. I wish I was the sun
so I could see everyone
but especcially you smile
‘Cause I’m the joy in their life..
I wish I was a rose
so I could lay down with you
my whole life in your grave
spending time, still loving you..
I wish I was the rain
so I could wipe out
all your sorrows..
I wish I was a road
so I could lead you to me
Hoping you wouldn’t take the wrong turn..
As I keep wishing
I’m wondering what you want
‘Cause I wished for a lot of things
But it’s you what I really want..

Je moest eens weten hoeveel ik van je hou
Ik denk de hele dag aan jou
Jij bent de enige voor mij
En sinds jij terloops wat tegen me zei
Iets dat je hopelijk nog wel zal weten
Sindsdien kan ik jou niet meer vergeten